"It has been a pleasure working with MBL for over three years. Your LEED program with the monthly reports is a great asset!"
Kevin Shuttleworth, W.B. Olson
"MBL has proven they can consistently meet our production needs in the very competitive and challenging `rehab' market. We really appreciate working with such a professional company."
Tom Keough, Westport Enterprises

"MBL Recycling, a pioneer in high-tech mixed C&D recycling in the middle of the United States"
C & D World Publication

"MBL Recycling, Inc. offers many services that are beneficial to the jobsite. One service that Featherstone, Inc. finds as one of the most beneficial is the use of their concrete washout containers. MBL Recycling concrete washout containers provide many benefits to the jobsite as well as the environment. The containers help eliminate the possibilities of concrete waste contaminating nearby waterways, as well as migrating into earth's natural water supply. Once the containers are full, the concrete waste is processed into recycled crushed aggregate that other construction sites can utilize. MBL's timeliness and professional services assures that the containers are switched out as needed to eliminate the chances of the concrete being washed out onto the ground surfaces. Featherstone, Inc. has yet to find another company that could provide the services that MBL provides on each one of our jobsites."
Brandon Orna, Featherstone, Inc. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT

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